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The soft blend of casing and casing tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo area of Fonseca, with a mild flavor, is ideal to accompany light meals.

last decade of the XIX century. Don Francisco is said to have been an elegant person, whose concern for appearance was transferred to the Habanos brand he created: presenting his Habanos in an original tissue paper that wraps them unitarily. Even today, this type of presentation remains a characteristic and distinctive feature of the vitolas that make up the offer of this brand.

  • Fonseca Cosacos
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    Fonseca Cosacos

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    Fonseca Cosacos is a smooth-tasting cigar that presents Vitola de Galera Cosacos, 135 mm (5 3/8 ») long and a ring gauge of 42 (16.67 mm) and 50 minutes of

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    Fonseca Delicias

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    Fonseca Delicias is an ideal cigar for any occasion, being one of the preferred vitolas for those who prefer soft flavors. Fonseca Delicias is a Cuban cigar 123 mm (4 7/8 ») long and ring gauge 40 (15.88 mm), presents Vitola de Galera Standard Mano. Enjoy 50 minutes of smoking with the best flavors and aromas.

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