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Shipments and returns

 The shipping price is 25 USD or its equivalent in another currency. Shipments made through the traceable airmail service. Tracking numbers will be provided at the time of shipment. Depending on the products and the quantity requested.

 Orders are approved by verifying the bank details, billing and shipping address, among others as connection and security.

Shipping will be provided by international postal or courier services with trackable tracking number.

Cigar boxes are sent vacuum sealed to preserve their freshness and humidity levels.

 The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer within a period of seven   (7) to twenty (20) days after the order and payment are confirmed. The delivery time given to the customer may vary depending on the country involved.

 Customers must be responsible for taxes and duties in their corresponding country and will be responsible for any import tax payment if required by customs authorities.

 Delays can occur beyond our control for which we are not responsible (customs clearance delays, extreme weather situations, local postal errors).

 The international postal protocol considers a lost package one month after the date of shipment, therefore, replacements will be sent after this time if the package cannot be located.


 If you have reason not to be satisfied with your order, please contact us directly. We will provide you with a return number and instructions on how to proceed. Returns will be accepted within 7 days of reception of your order and only if you have contacted to receive a return number. Your package is guaranteed for damage to the products and loss. Coloration of cigars or taste do not qualify as reasons for a return, so if you are not sure of what product you wish to buy, contact us for advice or information before ordering.

EUROPE: Albania ✩ Germany ✩ Andorra ✩ Holland ✩ Austria ✩ Belgium ✩ Belarus ✩ Bosnia Bulgaria ✩ Vatican City ✩ Croatia ✩ Denmark ✩ Slovakia ✩ Slovenia ✩ Estonia ✩ Finland ✩ Ireland ✩ Ireland ✩ Iceland ✩ Italy ✩ Latvia Liechtenstein ✩ Lithuania ✩ Luxembourg✩  Malta Moldova ✩ Monaco ✩ Montenegro ✩ Norway Netherlands ✩ Poland ✩ Portugal ✩ United Kingdom ✩ Romania ✩ San Marino ✩ Sweden ✩ Switzerland ✩ Ukraine.

SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina ✩ Bolivia ✩ Brazil ✩ Chile ✩ Colombia ✩ Ecuador ✩ Guyana ✩ Paraguay ✩ Peru ✩ Suriname ✩ Trinidad and Tobago ✩ Uruguay ✩  Guyana F.

NORTH AMERICA: Antigua and Barbudas ✩ Bahamas ✩ Barbados ✩ Belize ✩ Canada ✩ Dominica ✩ El Salvador ✩ United States ✩ Grenada ✩ Haiti ✩ Honduras ✩ Jamaica ✩ Mexico ✩ Nicaragua.

CENTRAL AMERICA: Dominican Republic ✩ Saint Kitts and Nevis ✩ Saint Lucia ✩ Trinidad and Tobago ✩ Puerto Rico.

ASIA: Saudi Arabia ✩ Armenia ✩ Bahrain ✩ Brunei ✩ Bhutan ✩ Cambodia ✩ China ✩ South Korea ✩ Egypt ✩ Arab Emirates ✩ Philippines ✩ India ✩ Indonesia ✩ Quatar ✩ Russia ✩ Israel ✩ Japan ✩ Taiwan ✩ Kuwait ✩ Singapore ✩ Hong Kong ✩ Agola.

CENTRAL AFRICA: South Africa ✩ Algeria ✩ Saudi Arabia ✩ Australia ✩ Benin ✩ Botswana Burkina ✩ Faso ✩ Burundi ✩ Cameroon ✩ Congo ✩ Ivory Coast ✩ Cádiz ✩ Djibouti ✩ Ethiopia ✩ Finland ✩ Gambia ✩ Gabon ✩ Guinea ✩ Bissau ✩ Indonesia ✩ Kenya ✩ Lesotho ✩ Liberia ✩ Macao ✩ Madagascar ✩ Malaysia ✩ Malawe ✩ Malvinas ✩ Mali ✩ Mozambique ✩ Niger ✩ Pakistan ✩ Rwanda ✩ Seychells.

NETHERLANDS: New Zealand ✩ Australia.

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