Sure that it is safe to use your credit card on your site?

We treat your details with the stictest confidence. Our payment gateway uses the industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption.

Do you guarantee delivery?

If we guarantee shipments 

 prices inclusive of shipping?

do not. only in some cases

What Payment Methods can i use?

We are able to process   Visa

 Are your prices quoted in US Dollars?

Yes our prices are in US Dollars 

Who is responsible for paying any import duties?

You as the importer are responsible for paying and import duties that are incurred.

Are your cigars authentic?

All our cigars are authentic from an authorized Habanos s.a.

Do you open your boxes prior to shipping?

Only when the customer asks to verify that the cigars are in perfect condition.

Where they send the products?

We have 2 headquarters one in Central America and Central Europe, according to your location and availability, the shipment is made, for faster delivery.