Welcome to the online store HABANOSTAR.COM We have a wide variety of Cuban cigarette brands. We are here to meet your needs and meet your requests, and expecting you to be a member of our store. Here you will get some of the most frequently asked questions: Prices are in US dollars and Euros. Shipping via fast courier. 

Delivery of packages in 7-13 business days in case of Customs approval in the country of destination. Under normal conditions, everything can vary. We can send to many countries to consult the list of countries enabled for shipping. If your country is not available, contact us. sales@habanostar.com

Customer Obligations

Customers must clearly indicate all relevant information, such as the address where the product will be delivered. Customers must pay all expenses, such as the price of the product and all expenses related to transportation and delivery. They are also required to pay additional fees that customs may charge, as well as taxes implemented by the country where the products are imported.

Invoices and Price

The price reflected by HabanoStar.com when processing your order is final. The total price shown on the site includes the price of the items, shipping, handling and packaging. It will be reflected in US dollars and Euros.

Conditions and Responsibilities

Customers are personally responsible for their choice of items. They must also be responsible for the storage and preservation of products after delivery. In addition, we will not be responsible for not complying with the regulations and laws in the area where the items are shipped.

HabanoStar.com is responsible for delivering the product to the customer.

HabanStar.com is not responsible for any deterioration in the ordered items that results in the failure of customers to recover the package on time.

The delivery period is considered as the moment in which we send the items from the warehouse to their appropriate destination. Please note that we are not responsible for additional time at Customs and other offices.



HabanoStar.com ensures that our articles are authentic and that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure that they match the details provided on the website. We guarantee that our products have exceptional freshness and quality.

Delivery Policy

The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer within a period of teen (10) to twenty (20) days after the order and payment are confirmed. The delivery time given to the customer may vary depending on the country involved.



The shipping price is 25 USD or its equivalent in another currency. Shipments made through the traceable airmail service. Tracking numbers will be provided at the time of shipment. Depending on the products and the quantity requested.


Customers must be responsible for taxes and duties in their corresponding country and will be responsible for any import tax payment if required by customs authorities.



In case you are not satisfied with the products or for any reason, you can return the items and get a replacement or refund. Reimbursement is generally offered for defective cigarettes, incorrect quantity, incorrect product delivered. The refund is only issued to the credit card used for payments or to the name and address where the money order was sent. To be eligible for reimbursement, we require items to be returned to our warehouse within one week 7 days of delivery. Customers should notify sales@habanostar.com about the tracking number of the returned package. Refunds are processed as soon as we receive the items returned in our warehouse.



If the order has been damaged during shipment, the customer must contact the customer service representative by email at sales@habanostar.com within 72 hours after receipt of the damaged product and provide clear images of the entire product received showing the exact damage. In the event that the order is declared as "lost" by a courier service, we will replace it with a new shipment within a period of 7 days or issue a refund. If you do not receive your shipment after 30 days of the shipment notification, contact us by email and we will proceed with the shipment investigation.


Payment methods 

The HabanoStar.com Secure Purchase Guarantee protects you while you buy at HABANOS, so you never have to worry about the security of your credit card.


If you have any questions about your products and services, please contact our customer service via email sales@habanostar.com We will try to answer in the next 24 hours.